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For over 35 years, the Craven Community College Foundation has provided financial support to thousands of students as well as programs, equipment, facilities and other college priorities. With a legacy of helping students, the Foundation is committed to the college and its goals.

The Craven Community College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1977, exists to support the educational goals of Craven Community College and its students. Most of the support has come in the form of student scholarships. However, with difficult budget constraints and increasing enrollments, the Foundation has expanded its mission to increase support for college programs and initiatives while retaining its commitment to student scholarships.

The Community Fabric Awards

Community Fabric Awards Logo

The Community Fabric Awards were created by the Craven Community College Foundation as a signature event to celebrate and showcase individual, educational, and business excellence in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of service and the inspiration of others.

The event creates awareness of and support for Craven Community College and showcases our students and their accomplishments. The event also raises funds for programs, equipment, facilities, and the new and emerging initiatives of Craven Community College.

To date, the Community Fabric Awards have netted over $66,000 in support of the Foundation's mission.

If you are interested in more information about this great event, please click here.

Scholarship Funds

Women's Club Scholarship

The Craven Community College Foundation is here to help students achieve their educational goals!

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we are able to offer scholarships to qualified students who need financial assistance to achieve their dreams.

Scholarships are awarded on various criteria, usually reflecting the values and priorities of the donors. Some are based on financial need, while others are based on student's interest in a specific field or his or her interest in further education and scholastic achievement.

Since 2011, the Craven Community College Foundation has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to 674 students.

To find out more about the Foundation's scholarships and information on how to apply, please click here.

The Lifetime Learning Center

Wendy Osserman Dance

The Lifetime Learning Center is a program that embraces adults seeking multiple and diverse opportunities in learning for the pure pleasure of it!

Our community is brimming with individuals who have completed their formal education and professional careers, but are still active and hungry for interesting and diverse learning experiences. The Lifetime Learning Center provides adult learners with numerous unique opportunities to learn about history, culture, arts, and more.

Programs include: Explorations; International Films and Lectures; regional day and overnight trips; and international trips.

To find out more about the Lifetime Learning Center's events, please click here.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning your gift to the Craven Community College Foundation, please contact:

Craven Community College Foundation
800 College Court, New Bern, NC 28562
(252) 638-7351

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