Human Resources Development (HRD)

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The Human Resources Development/Employment Readiness Program provides short-term prevocational training and counseling for unemployed, underemployed, those laid off or those looking to make a career change, enter the workforce or begin new careers. The curriculum focuses on how to find and keep a job along with career explorations. This includes teaching students to assess their strengths and weaknesses, develop problem-solving and communication skills, develop a positive self-image, improve academic skills and understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Students also learn how to successfully market themselves to potential employers. Students in an HRD Program enroll for a period of instruction that averages from one to six weeks.

Starting again

  • If you are unemployed or underemployed, work a minimum wage paying job, laid off, or have received notice of a layoff, you may be eligible to take these classes at no cost.
  • Have you recently graduated from high school or college? Getting out of the military? Seeking a job or career change? Would you like to find your direction in life, become self-sufficient and learn what it takes to get a job in today's job market? We can help!
  • Craven Community College's HRD program can put you on the road to success for a good-paying job, skill development, educational opportunities and a good career with job readiness training, career exploration and development of a positive self-image. HRD classes are designed for self-improvement, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, preparation for employment and/or further training and education. Become aware of your needs, along with employers' needs and expectations, and explore your career potential with this program.

Instructional Overview

  • Professional Development Skills: To evaluate and determine the student's skills, abilities and employment interests.
  • Awareness of Self and Others: To help students develop positive self-esteem, become positive thinkers, and appraise their strengths and weaknesses relative to employment.
  • Interviewing Skills: To gain insight into the job interview and to gain information on how to positively solve job problems.
  • Resume Preparation: To teach various types of resume formats applicable to the student's employment history and interests.
  • Employment, Career Exploration & Goal Planning: To set goals through clear-cut step-by-step procedures and provide direction for meeting goals.
  • Basic Computer Skills / Job Search on the Internet: To provide students the opportunity to learn basic computer skills and conduct a new and innovative job search campaign utilizing the Internet.
  • Job Search Techniques: To teach various Job Searching techniques, this will allow the student to maintain employment.


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