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While academics are the priority at Craven Community College, the college believes in development outside the classroom. All students should be able to enjoy their college experiences beyond classrooms, textbooks and computer screens.

That's why Craven encourages students to participate in student clubs and organizations.

Craven students have organized a wide variety of clubs and organizations. However, the college administration must approve all student organizations, and each organization must meet and adhere to the criteria and procedures established by the administration.

The currently recognized clubs and organizations include:
Automotive Technology CCC Ambassadors Criminal Justice
Encore! Machinists Panthers Baseball
Phi Theta Kappa Science Club Student Government Association
Student Nurse Association Study Abroad Club Welding Club

Automotive Technology Club - The purpose of the Automotive Technology Club is (1) to promote professional competency among students who are training to be automotive technicians, (2) to research, coordinate, and provide opportunities for educational field trips to observe and learn about various aspects of the automotive industry, (3) to host guest speakers/instructors from the automotive industry in order to become informed about current trends and new products, and (4) to assist club members in finding industry-related jobs within the local area. .

CCC Ambassadors - The CCC Ambassadors are an honorary group of students who have been nominated by faculty and staff to represent the College at special events on campus and in the community.

Criminal Justice Society - The purpose of the Criminal Justice Society is (1) to enhance the image of the College, (2) to increase the community awareness of the criminal justice system, (3) to provide association for the criminal justice students, and (4) to promote a sense of unity and academic support.

Encore! - These are Craven Community College's singing ambassadors. Its members perform throughout the community.

International Club is also know as Study Abroad Club.

Machinists Club - The purpose of the Machinists Club is (1) to promote professional competency, (2) to provide an opportunity for the members to serve together productively, and (3) to promote better understanding and cooperation among members of the faculty and students.

Panthers Baseball Club - The Panthers Baseball Club is the official baseball athletic club team of Craven Community College. All players must be a full-time student and meet the eligibility of the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) which is the governing association in which the club plays. Any eligible full-time student is able to try-out for the team in beginning of each semester.

Phi Theta Kappa - The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa, a national honor society of two-year colleges, is to promote scholarship, the development of leadership, and service by cultivating fellowship among qualified students. Each candidate for membership must have a 3.5 GPA. Select Phi Theta Kappa to view their blog.

Science Club - The purpose of the Science Club is 1) promote interest in all sciences; 2) provide experiences in all sciences above and beyond the classroom setting; 3) provide career information on all sciences; and 4) enhance the involvement of science students at Craven Community College. Select Science Club to view their information on Phi Theta Kappa - Facebook.

Student Government Association - The Student Government Association(SGA) shall be the representative organization of the Student Body of Craven Community College (the "College"), and in that capacity shall assure positive communication and promote activities that are in keeping with the best interests of the College and its Student Body. All curriculum students who pay student activity fees of the College, both part-time and full-time, shall be members of the Student Body.

SGA Web Page

SGA on    FaceBook - Student Government Association

Student Nurse Association - The purpose of the Club shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership, and the promotion of service and cultivation of fellowship among members.
Select Student Nurse Association to view their information on FaceBook - Student Nurse Association.

Student Abroad Club - - The purpose do the Club shall be (a) to promote an appreciation of International cultures as reflected in art, music, literature, film and other media (b) to develop ties with the International community in and around New Bern as a means of both serving and better understanding said community (c) to provide leadership opportunities for its members (d) to enhance the language skills of students of the Spanish and French languages through both educational and recreational means (e) to assist students in the acquisition of those skills that will best prepare them to function effectively and successfully in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, competitive marketplace of the 21st century.
Select Study Abroad Club to view their information on Study Abroad Club - Facebook.

Welder's Club - Purpose of the association shall be (1) to promote professional competency (2) to provide an opportunity for the club member to serve together productively and to promote better understanding and cooperation among member of the faculty and students.

What if I'm not interested in any of these groups?

Each year, new clubs and organizations are formed by students with different interest. If you are interested in starting a new club, refer to the Organizational Guidelines for Student Organizations or contact the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement at 252-638-4597.

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