Global Initiative

Craven's vision for the Global Initiative

The first of Craven Community College’s six core values is to recognize the dignity, worth, and potential of all persons and proudly celebrate the rich diversity of both our local and global community.

As part of our strategic plan “MANY VOICES ONE VISION: CRAVEN 2015,” the college has committed to enriching the lives of individuals in our community through high quality education programs and services that allow students to contribute and compete in a diverse and global community.

Craven Community College fulfills this mission through cultural, citizenship, community enrichment activities, services, group travel, and special projects that respond to cultural needs, quality of life interests and the leisure enjoyment preferences of adults and youth in our community.

Craven Community College’s globalization effort strives to help establish and cultivate global competencies in our student body and faculty. Global competency exists when an individual is able to understand the interconnectedness of peoples and systems, to have a general knowledge of history and world events, to accept and cope with the existence of different cultural values and attitudes.

This competency helps individuals to understand and interact with other people in a diverse and interconnected world, to celebrate the richness and benefits of this diversity, and to live as informed and responsible citizens of the world. The college does this by providing engaging learning experiences within and beyond the classroom. Faculty and staff incorporate multicultural content end experiences into classes and co-curricular activities.

Craven’s Study Abroad Program

Craven Community College’s study abroad program is an intensive global experience encompassing pre-trip activities, fieldwork abroad, and post-trip projects. Pre-trip activities include: study sessions and assignments about culture, history, and ecology; language workshops, guest lectures, a service project, and ongoing orientation meetings. While abroad, each participant conducts an individual fieldwork project through keeping a travel diary, photo journal, or video journal in addition to the planned group learning experiences. Post-trip, each participant shares what they learned through their individual research with students, faculty, staff, and community members. Individuals are able to choose to share their experience by creating posters, PowerPoint presentations, or a media exhibit.

Study Abroad Ecuador 2013

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Study Abroad Peru 2012

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