Financial Aid

Important Dates

  • Applications completed by June 1 will have priority on aid funds for the following year. A completed file consists of the Student Aid Report (SAR), completed admissions requirements for Craven Community College and any additional documentation required by the Financial Aid Office. Applications for financial aid that are completed and received before March 31 of each year will be given priority consideration for FSEOG. This means that you are assured of your share of available funds. Students with an incomplete aid application file will be expected to pay tuition and book costs on the day they register for each semester.
    NOTE: Students must reapply each academic year for financial aid.
  • Scholarships established by private contributions from individuals, business organizations and clubs provide aid to students who meet specific donor criteria. Students interested in scholarships should contact the Financial Aid Office for appropriate applications and deadlines. 

Important Dates by Semester

Fall Semester

Regular and Term A Disbursement mailed by September 26, 2014

Late Start Disbursement mailed by October 18, 2014

B Term Disbursement mailed by November 15, 2014

Spring Semester

Regular and Term A Disbursement mailed February 27, 2015

Late Start Disbursement mailed by March 6, 2015

B Term Disbursement mailed by April 10, 2015

Summer Semester

PELL and Direct Loan checks mailed by June 25, 2015


We CAN NOT give information over the telephone regarding refunds and other financial information.

In order to receive disbursements in the mail, please make sure your address is correct in Student Services.

After the initial disbursement dates, disbursement will be processed weekly.