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Brock Administration Building
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and Off-Campus Sites

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., (252) 638-7265

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The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to provide educational opportunities for adults 16 years or older who are out of school. The program addresses the needs of adults who do not have a high school diploma or who want to improve their basic education skills to function more effectively in society. The Basic Skills Program of Craven Community College (CCC) offers a wide variety of classes at on-campus and off-campus sites throughout Craven County. Classes are offered during the day, afternoon and evening. All classes are free! Upon graduation from the General Educational Development (GED) or Adult High School program, students receive a certificate to take one free curriculum class at Craven Community College.

Students who are 16 or 17 years old need special permission from a parent/guardian and the school district and must complete the GED / Adult High School Application Forms for Minors before enrolling in any Basic Skills Program. For more information, call (252) 638-7265 (New Bern).

Basic Skills Programs Offered at Craven Community College

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a program of instruction designed for adults who want to improve their reading, writing, or math skills so they may function better in society, on the job or in the family. This program also prepares students to enter the GED and Adult High School Programs.
  • General Educational Development (GED) is a program designed to help students pass the official GED exam. The exam consists of five parts: Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Students who pass the GED receive a high school diploma equivalency. The official GED exam costs $25.00 for new students.
  • Adult High School Diploma (AHSD) is a program designed to help students earn their adult high school diploma. Students must complete a minimum of 20 credits, including required credits, to earn their diploma.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program designed for adults whose native language is not English. Instruction focuses on English skills which will enable students to interact effectively in the community and in the workplace.
  • Compensatory Education (CED) is a program designed specifically for adults with intellectual disabilities. The focus of the program is on helping the individual become as independent as possible through acquiring basic life skills needed to function successfully in daily living.

Orientation Sessions for ABE, GED and AHSD programs:

Orientation sessions are required for all of our new students. During our orientation sessions, students will receive details about the different programs and classroom options available. Additionally, students will complete an assessment to determine their academic skill levels and to receive a referral based on their skill levels, goals and time commitments.

Please call our New Bern campus at (252) 638-7265.

Learn At Home - Distance Education

Available through the Internet. This program allows you to work primarily at home on ABE/Pre-GED/Pre-Adult High School and GED. Please call (252) 638-7265 (New Bern).

ABE/Pre-GED/Pre-Adult High School classes:

Not quite ready for GED or Adult High School classes? These small-group classes are designed to help students brush up on their reading, writing and math skills so they can function better at work or get ready to take GED and Adult High School classes. For more information, call (252) 638-7265.

GED Family Literacy Programs:

The Even Start Family Literacy Program provides educational opportunities for children and their parents/guardians by integrating early childhood education and adult education into a unified program. Adults may study basic math and reading classes and also study to take the GED. In addition, the program includes transportation to school, breakfast and lunch. Children newborn to 5 years of age may attend. For more information, contact Craven Community College at 638-7265 or the Even Start Family Literacy Program at (252) 244-3225 (Vanceboro) or (252) 672-7023 (Cove City).

James W. Smith Elementary School Site
150 Kooncetown Road (Cove City) Call (252) 672-7023 for schedule

Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School Site
2000 Farm Life Road (Vanceboro) Call (252) 244-3225 for schedule

GED / Adult High School Application Forms for Minors:

Application for Minor's Participation | Special Permission | Conduct Guidelines

Basic Skills - Minor Enrollment Handbook

English as a Second Language:

Our classes are designed to provide reading, writing, speaking and basic living skills to students with a limited English-speaking background. Interested students should attend the class that is convenient for them. Registration and assessment will be completed at this time. For questions, please call (252) 638-4755.

English as a Second Language Brochure

Select English as a Second Language:(ESL) Brochure to review the latest version of the ESL Brochure.

Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL)

El programa de ESL es para los estudiantes adultos cuya. lengua materna no es inglés. La instrucción se concentra en las habilidades de inglés que le permitirán al estudiantes desempeñarse con eficacia en la Comunidad y en los lugares de trabajo. Para más información y registrarse, favor de llamar a Craven Community College al teléfono 252-638-4755. Las clases son completamente gratis. Venga y regístrese en cualquier momento durante el semestre. También tenemos cursos en video y en la Internet que puede utilizar en la comodidad de su hogar.


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