Institute of Aeronautical Technology

Institute of Aeronautical Technology

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The mission of the Aviation Systems Technology Program is to provide workforce training and development for the civilian and military aviation maintenance community.


Become an aviation mechanic at Craven Community College. Our program provides individuals with the basic aircraft knowledge necessary for a career in Aviation Systems Technology. Our program prepares individuals for the Written, Oral and Practical Airframe and Powerplant Examinations administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


The Aviation Systems Technology Program at Craven Community College has been a Federal Aviation Administration Part 147 Approved since 2004.

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Application and Tuition information

Application information

To enroll in AST program and earn an associate degree, or a certificate:

  1. Complete a Craven Community College Online Application.
  2. Request any high school, GED, and/or college transcripts.
  3. Complete Math and English Placement Test at New Bern or Havelock. For more additional information on about the Placement Test, please call 444-0707.
  4. Contact Admission Counselor at 444-6012.

For additional information, please select Admissions.

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Tuition Information

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Other fees:
FAA Final Written Exams: $450.00*
Oral & Practical Exams: $1000.00*

NOTE:*Cost may vary

Select Examinations to learn more about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Written, Oral and Practical examinations.

Program Overview

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Students that complete our program will:

  1. Inspect, repair and troubleshoot aircraft structures and/or powerplants as allowed by FAA certification mechanic certificates
  2. Use technical data, identify problems, and apply testing equipment to evaluate and correct aircraft discrepancies
  3. Understand privileges and limitations the individual possesses under the FAA
  4. Achieve mastery of AST curriculum areas to enable them to pass the FAA written exams
  5. Earned his/her AAS degree in Aviation Systems Technology

Convenient Times

The AST program currently runs two classes per year, each class consists of five semesters.

NOTE: Classes do not meet during the summer.

12:00 PM until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

5:00 PM until 10:00 PM Monday through Friday
(offered alternating years)


Aviation Systems Technology Students Reviewing Manuals


Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety - Aviation information and listing of safety seminars

Frequently Asked Questions - for Mechanics via Federal Aviation Administration web site

North Carolina Department of Transportation Aviation Division
- Information about the Aviation Industry in North Carolina

U.S. Department of Labor Bureau - Occupational Outlook Handbook for Aviation careers

Contact Information

Greg Purvis
Aviation Director - (252) 447-1377 -

Russ Boyce
Aviation Instructor - (252) 447-5471 -

Paul Nix
Site Coordinator H-60 Project - (252) 444-3441 -

Shawn Rubio
Aviation Instructor - (252) 447-5492 -

Fax Number (252) 444-1918