Credit by Examination

Students can receive credit for college courses under the credit by examination policy. The College recognizes and awards credit for the following testing programs:

Advanced Placement Program - (APP) - (pdf)

College Level Examination Program - (CLEP) - (pdf)

(DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) - (DSST) - (pdf)

International Baccalaureate College Credit - (IBCC) - (pdf)

The College awards credit for APP, CLEP and DSST examinations based on the credit recommendations of the American Council on Education for comparable courses it offers. A maximum of 20 semester hours credit is allowed under the Credit By Examination policy.

Credit will apply towards graduation requirements in the student's curriculum program; however, quality points are not awarded.

A student desiring college credit through these programs must have the applicable testing agency forward examination results to the Registrar.  The Registrar will award credit based upon established criteria.