From: Catherine Chew
Sent: September 28, 2011
To: CCC Everyone
Subject: Updates
2011 Updates


Colleagues...we have had a very busy week...Trustee Committee meetings, visitors on campus, and $$$ announcements...all good news!

C-STEP - The new partnership between Craven and UNC-Chapel Hill got off to a great start with the signing ceremony taking place yesterday. Thanks to Sherry Forrest for organizing a beautiful reception in the AMC foyer. The Carolina team was impressed that we had Trustees who came and they were equally impressed with the enthusiasm of our internal planning team. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity and pathway for students. An article was in the SJ today:

Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (AMA) Grant Announcement - Craven is one of 8 colleges awarded the federal grant totaling $18.8 million. Craven's share will be about $1.5 million!!! It's pretty impressive that in less than 2 years we've brought in nearly $3 million in grant awards...a testament to our decision to hire a grant writer:-) Monica Minus provided strong leadership for the AMA proposal submission and is doing a terrific job for us!

MORE Campus Visitors - We have about 30 people coming tomorrow morning for the Annual Legislative Breakfast (10-12 Public Servants; 7 Student Ambassadors, and several Trustees and Staff). Yesterday a six-person team from Fayetteville Technical College including President Keen and several Army folks visited Havelock to tour the Aviation facility and hear more about the program. Kudos to Lee Ashburn, Gery Boucher, Wally Calabrese, Robin Matthews and Kim Zaccardelli!

College Service - I want to acknowledge the great response from folks who responded to the college service request at the August College Assembly.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many engaged staff who are contributing to the success of this dynamic institution!

Mark YOUR CALENDAR PLEASE - Our next College Assembly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th from 3:30 - 4:30 in Orringer.  If you recall...this time slot was created as a "community hour" designated for meetings, etc. All staff should make every effort to attend or notify supervisors if they cannot; minimal staff should remain in all offices to make sure the public is served. We will be updating everyone on the FOE/FYE/QEP action plan as well as general info items and/or addressing questions anyone may have.

There is a lot happening at Craven...THANK YOU for giving your time and talent to the College and our I said yesterday to our guests from Chapel Hill...we are truly "blessed"....catherine 

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